The Elusive Perfect Moment

Last night, I got a perfect moment.

Everyone gets a handful of these in life; Anne Rice’s vampires talked about them, Salinger, Terry Pratchett.  We all know they exist.  I used to worry about only recognizing them in hindsight, but over the years I have continued to practice the whole Being Present thing and I feel like I’ve made some headway in being aware of moments as they happen.

Our living room tv, after over a decade of service, finally passed on.  Well, it’s kind of haunting us actually, as it will continually turn itself off and on for no reason and we can’t move it out til garbage day.  Everything in our house is haunted, I swear – the Haunted Collector would have a heyday.  Or a heart attack if he actually saw something that wasn’t scripted….ahem…(ever see the one where a little cermaic giraffe pokes his head around a corner and then slides across the floor?  Hi-LAR-ious).  This leaves a tv in my bedroom and one in the kid’s room.  Since his room isn’t set up for cable service, it meant that if he wanted to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead he would have to come and hang out in my room and watch it.  15 year old boys are elusive creatures.  They love their moms but need their space.  When they feel like hanging around you they will and when they don’t they won’t.  Apparently the thought of not watching zombies and having psychological discomfort before bed outweighed any need for space and at nine o’clock he came and stole a spot on our bed.

We turned the lights off and each staked out our third of the bed.  The show started.  Craziness and blood and guts and distress and starving zombies.  My left elbow was just resting against my dude’s side, my right elbow against the kid.  We got into a debate about whether or not they should have stopped to pick up a hitchhiker running down the road, begging them to stop.  They left him.  Twice. (Aside: my dude said nope, don’t know if it’s a trap, can’t trust anyone after all this time…I said, yup, you should always make an attempt to save another human if you can, and what if it was our kid and we had been separated, wouldn’t we want someone to stop and pick him up?  Boom…I still say I win this debate but I’m always interested to hear anyone else’s POV).  I love theoretical debates, way more than I enjoy discussing what we should have for dinner or listening to someone tell me they have no clean underwear and could I please do a load of laundry for the love of all that is smelly…..

Anyway, as we laughingly concluded our debate (which basically went, oh my god, would you shut up so we can actually watch it) I realized- I was having a perfect moment.  Comfortably snuggled under the blanket with my two favorite people on the planet, watching one of our favorite shows, bullshitting and laughing.  I was lucky enough to catch it while it happened, and smart enough to keep my mouth shut so I didn’t say something sappy and get shoved onto the floor in retaliation.

This morning was a typical Monday morning. I didn’t want to get up and get ready for work any more than the kid wanted to get up and get ready for school.  It’s cold, the car needed scraped off, work stinks and I have a ton of stuff I should do that I don’t feel like.  But at least for a little bit longer, I can carry the feeling of that moment with me and smile through the worst of it.  For that, I am grateful.


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10 thoughts on “The Elusive Perfect Moment

  1. Elusive creatures, those perfect moments. (For the record, I’m with your Dude on the hiker guy. Rick and his gang have got burned too often. I am glad that he and Michon are beginning to warm up to each other)

    • Ha, I KNEW you would say that…maybe the first pass when they were surrounded by forest, but the second time? 3 people, 3 crackshots, and a dude running down the street by himself to a place where they had the high, open ground?! I made sad noises when they showed him splattered on the ground 😦

    • Oh, and I totally thought she was going to die like two seconds after we got to see her humanity, ha

  2. The moments to live for! I had a very similar experience this weekend with my daughter and youngest son, that instead of zombies, involved drag queens on a bus (who also didn’t pick up any hitchhikers)

    • oh t, i seriously laughed so hard it made me cough for like 10 minutes…apparently it’s yay for no picking up hitchhikers month 😉

  3. Too cool, this post, I mean, and that perfect moment that you didn’t allow to slip by unnoticed. With our loved ones around us on an ordinary evening – that is perfect. I had to smile though that it occurred as blood is spattered and limbs are severed. I’m in the minority with that show. I can’t watch it. I tried, but when heads and arms went missing I had to switch to the DVR and an episode of The Good Wife – that’s more my speed. Terrific, though that all three of you enjoy it together. Theoretical debates about zombie hitchhikers – now I could get into that – I just don’t want to see them bite anyone. 🙂

    • Ha, we are definitely a zombie loving family, I have to say. I just try to remember the difference between the small things that do count and the ones that don’t. It’s definitely not always easy when it feels like the things that don’t really matter start piling up, but there’s still golden moments to be had, hidden amongst the dross 😉

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