Burn for me







You could never love me enough


I want you to drown in it,

revel in it,

as your head goes under the waves


I want it to burn in your gut,

to flame through your eyes, and your fingers,

your skin reflecting the glow of a thousand embers

as you reach for me


You could never love me enough,

there is no such thing

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4 thoughts on “Burn for me

  1. Now that, was a damned powerful piece! That second stanza had me struggling for breath.

  2. that. is. AWESOME! thank you very much….innn….ooouuutttt…. 🙂

  3. It is very powerful. I agree. It verges on obsession. What lengths will the speaker take to get that love? Poetry is so often like an abstract painting – open to so many interpretations. Gotta love that!

    • I often think about the delineation between a healthy level of obsession and a Glenn Close-Rabbit killing level of obsession; can you have love, respect and obsession or do you lose that last in the comfort of time?

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