To Dream is to Wake








if i squint just right

and discern the truth of myself,

not the prepackaged one displayed on the shelf,

i can dare to break the mold

and truly live before i grow old


“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
, Alchemist

33 words exactly inspired by the above quote.  My dream is just to live, through mania and doubt and anxiety and joy, to feel the sun on my face in the worst times and remember the cold on the best ones.

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19 thoughts on “To Dream is to Wake

  1. This really resonates with me at this stage of my life. Well done.

    • Thank you, very much. There are times that I just annoy the crap out of myself with overthinking and dream that I can start overdoing instead. I figure better to overdo and up with results, even if those results are occasionally wonky…

  2. How wonderful!Loved the line,”not the prepackaged one displayed on the shelf,”-yes,we all need to do that-look at the real us & then break the mold to live anew!Fab job!

  3. and truly live before i grow old
    … and if you’re lucky you’ll never grow old – since growing old is more a state of mind than a number! I don’t ever plan on growing old. Come to think of it, I don’t plan on growing up. And then again, come to think of it, I guess I just don’t plan at all! 😉

  4. Draug419

    I like this–like taking a close look at the ingredients and making a new recipe out of them (:

  5. Nandini Godara

    Wonderfully written. I think the most important battle is the internal one.

  6. Brilliant all the way through, but especially the last line. 😀

  7. “If I squint just right…” I love that. This is a great little piece!

    • it’s always made me laugh when people narrow their eyes when they’re trying to figure out if they’re being lied to, like if you squint just right you can discern whether or not to call bullshit…so i guess that means i’m calling it on myself, ha…thank you very much 😉

  8. this is awesome.

  9. So the discernment is all in the squint! Who’s the yogi now?
    Raising a glass to breaking molds. Terrific piece.

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