Random Snippets

Sacrifice and self-discipline were uncomfortably aligned in her mind, and she wanted nothing to do with either. She wanted to eat a goddamn brownie and stretch out on her bed, in her comfy pants, and watch an entire television series in one sitting. The thought that this was an accomplishment in and of itself made her laugh out loud.

She reached for a book, instead, to read a few chapters of imaginary transportation to a town called Desperation, founding father Stephen King. A strange book, for him. Gore and guts and old gods, sure, run of the mill crazy stuff. But also the Christian God, with a capital G-O-D, a straight out of the bible run of the mill cruel and loving god taking center stage as well. Worth the re-read, especially for this line: ‘That sound is about the lure of emptiness and the pleasures of zero.’

Now that line, that line stuck in her brain and resonated in there, creating its own echo that defined the sound King was trying to invoke.

Chapters done, she opted for a movie instead of a television show. Flicking through the new releases on Amazon, it seemed that a lightening humor would be a counter-weight to the overthinking the book had brought on. The World’s End, the nonsense about aliens and some sort of English pub crawl, perfect. Lo and behold- the comedic geniuses behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz managed to sneak a surprisingly grown up story into the background. Part touching, part heartbreaking, and all bitter honesty, it was still funny enough to make her laugh out loud over and over again. The soundtrack was fantastic, blasting her right back to her freshman year in high school, and the camera work and editing were so spot on that she rewound a few scenes just to re-watch their perfection. Also, Argus Filch redeemed the Red Wedding as the town crackpot, Basil.

Late night, movie done, satisfied but somewhat at a loss with her guy working the night shift and her boy child occupied with friends on X-box, she twiddled around on tumblr for a little bit, considered the night well spent and nodded off.

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7 thoughts on “Random Snippets

  1. I regret, the only Stephen King novel I’ve read is 11/22/63. I’ve been wanting to read Under the Dome; I read a snippet once, where the dome actually came down, and the main thing I remember was that it sliced a goat in half. That poor goat.

    • Ha, a goat getting sliced in half is getting off really easy in a King novel 😄 There are a lot of people who have problems with his writing, and I get where they’re coming from, but he’s kind of the guy you either love or don’t. I, personally, would tell you to always give him a shot…

  2. E. W. Storch

    A night well spent, indeed.

  3. I like that you wrote it in 3rd person. I feel like I’ve spent the evening with ‘her’, and what a pleasant evening it was. I’ve read a few of King’s books and I liked them well enough. I haven’t read Under the Dome which my sister recently completed. She’s not much of a reader, so for her to read 1000 pages it must be good. I will take that on eventually. Where he really excels though, imho, are his short stories. Never read one I didn’t think was beautifully crafted. I’ve seen The World’s End and Simon Pegg is laugh out loud funny through the entire thing. Sweet post. I enjoyed it, my friend.

    • Ha, I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore and it’s rather freeing, and third person narrative struck my fancy. I’m very glad that you enjoyed it :). I’ve been reading King for so long, like 25 years (!! good lord !!) so it always takes me by surprise when other people haven’t. His short story collections are some of my favorites, and the most nightmare inducing. Beyond Sunset and Nightmares and Dreamscapes are just frickin fantastic. I haven’t read Under the Dome but it’s most definitely on my list. I figured that I would enjoy the movie, but I seriously laughed my ass off. Thank you as always for reading my nonsense, Steph 🙂

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