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Nature’s Quandries

Just under the crust of snow an argument is taking place. Two blades of grass debate their existence.

‘But no one even knows I’m here!’

‘Of course they do. They don’t believe you’ve disappeared just because they can’t see you. As a matter of fact, I can state with some certainty that a lot of them can’t wait to see you again.’

‘Pfft! Even if they did feel like that, it wouldn’t matter if they saw you or me, they wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference!’

‘Nonsense. We’re individuals who just happen to make up a whole.’

‘Individuals? We’re not individuals, we’re the same color, we’re the same height, we’re identical!’

‘False. You have spots of lighter green, and I do not. Here, look, I have a little notch missing down here, and you do not. Similar, but not the same.’

‘Infintesimal differences do not an individual make.’ Huffily stated, an academic winning rhetoric points with semantics.

A not quite muffled laugh. ‘That is basically the definition of individuality. The details, however small, that are different than the details of the other. You are over there, and I am over here. You have different colored spots, and I do not. I am missing a piece here, and you are not. We are the grass, yes, yet we are also blades of grass. We are one thing and the other.’


‘Just because we cannot be seen does not mean that we don’t exist. Just because you look like your brother does not mean that you are him. You think that you are not special? You think that if every other blade of grass disappeared, even though we all look very alike, you think that this would not be noticed?’

‘Well, OF COURSE it would be noticed.’

‘Well, then there you are. OF COURSE you matter.’


* ~ * * ~ * ~ **

Just above the crust of snow, a snowflake is spiraling downward.

‘Oh, waily waily!’ it cried to its neighbor. ‘In a moment I shall no longer exist! The uniqueness that is me will disappear into this vast white landscape, and I may as well have ne’er fallen from the sky!’

‘Shut up, you! I’m having my own existential crisis and have no wish to be burdened with yours!’

‘Waaaahooooooooo!’ came a drifting voice to their left. ‘Live it up boys, as we’re about to die the dreaded Yellow Death! Make the most of what you’ve got left!’ The wild flake spun in frantic circles, breathless with laughter, as he came to his final rest on the wet snout of the dog just now lifting his hind leg.

The End.


~snicker~ I don’t know what I did here, but I enjoyed staring at snow through my patio door and doing it 🙂

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