Love Begins, and Ends

Love, a tour de force,

A phenomenon,
juxtaposed in nature,
it strives,
digs roots,
lazily reclines
outside its den,
it sleeps, and it wakes,
a beast and a bunny,
it dances and stumbles,
and dreams

When love came to roost,
to make a home,
as it were,
the predators
circled around,
sunk claws
into soft spots,
and found the heart

it fluttered for a moment,
magnificent in its struggle,
then wilted and lay still


As soon as I read the prompt line for the speakeasy #159, for some reason I immediately had a vision of love as a wilting flower ( Shakespeare’s birthday, mayhap? ). Hahaha, I meant as an influence, not that I channeled The Bard in my nonsense 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Love Begins, and Ends

  1. You know how you don’t see or consider a word for… well forever… and then BAM!! Twice in one day. Juxtapose.

    I like “dances and stumbles, and dreams” Well done

  2. Great imagery 🙂

  3. Your poetry form makes me feel at home. Nice to see another poet at the speakeasy!

    • Ha, that’s a lovely thing to say. I have to admit that I have no discipline when it comes to poetry, and like it with first draft rough edges, with seems to be found a little more forgivable with other poet-at-heart’s.

  4. A unique way to describe the heart and love and how it can be affected.

    • I’ve just always found it interesting how there’s so many different levels of it, with no rhyme or reason- maternal and mammalian and aesthetic and gut deep and fond, or sometimes, fading

  5. Love can be so fierce, but then it just withers away… it doesn’t seem like it should be able to do that.

  6. Clever nonsense…

  7. This is really good! I love the rhythm and flow in your words – and your imagery is fantastic, especially the predators sinking their claws into the soft spots of love. Nice work. I’m sure the Bard would be impressed. 🙂

  8. Christine

    Nice – I like that you went the abstract route (love as a wilting flower).

  9. Ah, l’amour…. 🙂

  10. I love the rhythm of this poem, a beast and a bunny, it dances and stumbles and dreams – wonderful analogy, fantastic imagery.

    • Thank you very much, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Poetry is such a slapdash joy for me that I’m never quite sure if it reads for others like I hear it, so your comment is reassuring that at least sometimes it works 😉

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