A Sedimentary Lifestyle

“It’s too much.” Harv wheezed theatrically, not as over-dramatic as he pretended.

Helen pooh-poohed him with a derogatory arch of brows, herding him up the incline. “You’re not that out of shape. Look, it flattens out a bit ahead.”

“I’ve been living a sedimentary life since I retired. You didn’t give me a chance to shake shit up first. My joints are very confused about what’s happening to them right now.”

Stifling the laugh over his hatchet job on ‘sedentary’ she took a deep breath. “If you start settling towards your bottom, I promise I’ll help you up.”


Linking up again with Light and Shade Challenge

The photo reference is the picture above (image courtesy of cheva and taken from the Wikipedia Commons), and the quote reference is: Shake well before opening – instructions on a milkshake bottle

Seriously, keeping these to 100 words or less is a hell of a lot harder than I would have imagined….

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7 thoughts on “A Sedimentary Lifestyle

  1. Ha! Love it. If I’m not careful, as a sittin’ down all the time writer, I’m gonna be leading that lifestyle myself. 😉

    • Ha, right?! I’ve had a desktop job for like a decade now, and sitting and writing on top of that ain’t helpin me fit into my pants!

  2. E.W. Storch

    I coulda published an entire second book of just 100 word things. It gets easier. 😉

    • Ha I find what I do is just write what I want and then cut all the extraneous til I hit 100. It’s good editing practice, in any case 🙂

  3. Ah, l’amour. 🙂

  4. Oh, there’s always someone promising that “Look, it flattens out a bit ahead” – don’t believe them! I’m afraid Harv’s joints need more than that to unconfuse them, poor guy 😉

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