My life for the past three weeks

A few weeks ago, Dude’s friend called and told him that a stray kitten had followed her two outdoor cats into the house. Since she knew I had been wanting another kitty, she wondered if we’d be interested. Duh. KITTY. Well, as long as it was a boy, because female cats are great but I ain’t havin none of it.

So he sent me a picture and I sappily said oh yes, please, and after a stop at Pet Smart, here he was.


After introductions and a thorough flea bath, the Kid got to name him as Dude named our first cat (Joker) and I named our Bearded Dragon (Princess Loki Mononoke). So, we welcomed Leonidas to our ridiculous little family.

I knew it wouldn’t be simple, socializing two male cats of different ages, especially since Joker is a spoiled punk mama’s boy. On top of the fact that DOMINATION seems to be the order of the day, they argue over perches and toys and boxes and attention. We’ve all gone out of our way to make sure both are equally loved and snuggled, and while he fights back with the best of him, Leo is ready to be BFF’s.

It’s getting better, slowly but surely.


After all that though, I truly feel like I have a home full of toddlers. I am either feeding creatures, cleaning said creatures shit, or breaking up fights. Any neighbors that can hear me through the walls, I swear to goodness that I am not threatening to punch actual children in their tiny little skulls.

Maybe, once these idiots calm down enough to not need near constant supervision, I would love to do the thing where I pop in earbuds and do that wacky thing called writing stories.

At least they aren’t fighting messy food bowl wars anymore.


Wish me luck. Please. Lots and lots of luck.

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12 thoughts on “My life for the past three weeks

  1. Awwwww.

    • Ha, awwwww indeed. Except when they’re pooping, meowing for food in front of a full dish, farting or fighting 😬

  2. E.W. Storch

    Cats are Satan’s creatures.

  3. I’m with you on male kitties. I had a female for almost 20 years, and I loved her holy feistiness dearly, but my male kitty, who recently died, was so sweet, and so awesome that I will eventually replace him with another of his kind. Good for you adopting that little guy… he’s adorable. Your story will urge me to the shelter where I will, of course, be overwhelmed with choices. Maybe I’ll take home two!

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your pals. I have to admit, I’m glad that this little guy literally just walked right into our family, because if I was faced with walking through a shelter I’d be crushed I couldn’t rescue ’em all. Not a huge fan of humans a lot of the time, but a total sucker for critters 😉 GET TWO! Name ’em Frick and Frack 🙂

  4. Well, hopefully once the early territorial skirmishes have settled down they’ll be cuddling up together on the nearest cushion and/or lap 🙂

    • Ha, there are brief flashes of the respite to come as they’ll now take naps near each other, but truly the mornings are like chasing around cantankerous toddlers. With claws 😉

      • Ah well, my two cats are sisters and when they were younger they used to have a mad spell after breakfast each day, chasing and fighting about the place – sheer exuberance, I think (with claws) 🙂

  5. I absolutely love your pets’ names: Joker? Leonidas? Princess Loki Mononoke? Those are epic names xD Hope Little Leo is adapting well to his family!

    • Ha, well, the Bearded was originally just named Loki but then it turned out she was a female, so I mixed my favorite heroine and my favorite villain together for a rhyming masterpiece of a name that she completely lives up to 🙂 Leo has ended up being the most loving kitty that I’ve ever seen, it’s ridiculous. Joker was just starting to warm up to him, until Leonidas got a cold and started sneezing on him, which put a little bit of a damper on the brotherly snuggles 😉

      • Aww, I hope Leo fights off that cold asap and starts feeling better soon. Really great idea on mixing up the names 😉

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