Slumbering Heart

I have fallen off the edge of the world
and seen what lays beneath,
I have flown over the desolate void
and thrown flowers in supplication to that which sleeps beneath

Drawn forth by whispering vines that crept,
slithering, across my skin,
my bones fell apart my false face slid off
and I painted on a happy grin

I danced beneath that blood red sky,
and dreamt I never left,
I skipped a stone and went
from blissful to bereft

I lost my place,
I was lost in time,
no compass to my marker
no harkening to call me home,
no shouting carnival barker

I dreamed my way back into my heart

I slumber even now,
wrapped amongst the loveliest dreams,
without the soundtrack of screams
and backdrop of broken vow.

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4 thoughts on “Slumbering Heart

  1. This is the sound of my chin hitting the floor. Wow is all I can really say. So much anguish and emotion throughout the poem. It’s exemplary.

  2. This is divine.

    • There’s nothing I appreciate more than concise sentiments, especially this one 😉 Thank you, very much, I’m very happy that you thought so.

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