What’s Left

I want to rage but you want to cry,
and so I whimper.
I want to sing but you want to sleep,
and so I whisper.

You win by default, never warning me
your compromises are comprised
of a hundred tiny deaths.

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25 thoughts on “What’s Left

  1. “a hundred tiny deaths” is such an intriguing phrase! Nicely done

  2. I agree with Tina. I also love “your compromises are comprised…” Good writing!

  3. very good writing, Shannon!

  4. The entire thing is great, but that last line is the anchor! well done

    • Thank you very much šŸ™‚ They say compromise is necessary, but sometimes it seems more like giving in. Or maybe I’m just really stubborn.

  5. That last line, “a hundred tiny deaths,” is so poignant.

  6. It’s so deflating to have to reign in emotions and reactions for someone else and their needs. Some people just take over everything, even (especially?) the others in their lives. You convey all of this so clearly, really making me feel what you’re talking about. I love the way you’ve constructed that first stanza!

    • YES! You just perfectly encapsulated everything that was in my mind when I wrote this, which is incredibly gratifying. Thank you šŸ™‚

  7. KymmInBarcelona

    The play on compromises and comprised is fantastic. And, of course, the killer last line < 3

  8. Christine

    Damn, Shannon, I love every word of this. It reads so beautifully, and is wonderfully constructed. Your language is stunning.

    • Well knock me over with a feather – I count this comment among my very, very top favorites, and I thank you so much for it. I am very happy that you loved it, thank you!

  9. Great alliteration here “your compromises are comprised.” Moving piece.

  10. That reminds me, so precisely, of my parents and of every day of their married lives. You are awesome!

    • Well, um…that makes me feel a little sad for your parents, although I am happy that it’s relatable, and also with the word ‘awesome’ šŸ™‚

  11. This is really great. Such concentrated emotion.

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  13. The repetition works so well. Beautiful and well written, well done!

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