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Today is a Tuesday

Today is a Tuesday,
Not just ‘TUESDAY’,
which implies it’s the Tuesday,
and it’s not, it’s
just a Tuesday

(I know that Wednesday is Odin’s day, and that Thursday
belongs to Thor, and it seems that
Tuesday is named for Tiw, or Tyr, who is the God of War,
and Law, and in Old English it was Tiwesdaeg)

And the funny thing is, that it’s a day
Like any other,
but also
it’s unlike any that have come before,
and it will never come again

This Tuesday,
I fell over in headstand and drank my coffee
while I watched the cats
watch the birds

This Tuesday,
I climbed the Fort Hill Stairs in a misting rain
and stood atop the cliffside,
overseeing the growing spread of green in my kingdom,
looking at a speckled landscape through
the rain splattered on my glasses

This Tuesday,
as I walked out of the Nature Center
to rejoin the enforced reality of earning a paycheck
I saw a Peregrine Falcon,
sitting pretty as you please,
on a branch not five feet above my head
and I had never seen one before in real life
so I had to do an Image Search to verify my assumption of species

This Tuesday,
is just a Tuesday,
but it is unlike any that I have had before,
or will ever have again

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