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The Song of the Specter

the mandolin player

although my soul is no longer bound to this plane,

the musical strain

tethers me to earth

as i wander and seek my love amongst the bones,

the plucking of strings carries through

and guides me from home

the blood bloomed on my robes like a blossoming rose

slippered feet whispered as i ran,

and snatched my mandolin

and sidled through the door

my sight is not second but nor am i blind

all that i can see

is what i had to leave behind

so i play my haunting song sadly,

a lilting sound by your ear

i pray to the gods that i curse,

that either by chapter or verse,

you may hear


SAM ( threw people a little inspirational bone with the picture shown up top, asking us to write what it brought to us and link up with her blog in the comments.  For the first time in a really long time, I felt inspired to write a poem.  Hopefully, it’s a little better than what I churned out in high school 🙂

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