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One can always dream…(1)

Rolly rolled over in bed with a disgruntled yank that pulled the blankets with him. “Jesus, Mara, what are you doing? Shut up.”

Mara poked her head around the bathroom door and stared at the bed. Rolly lay with his head facing away from her, completely alone, grumbling into his pillow about creepy little kids humming. She stifled a laugh and crept closer. Just as she raised her knee to slide into bed as quietly as she could, she froze, cocking her head to the side.

Angry now, Rolly rolled back in her direction. “Damn it! What is the matter with you!” Catching sight of her wide eyes gleaming in the mostly darkened room further away than they should have been, whatever he had been about to say next trailed off. “Mara?” He sounded unsure.

She slid the rest of the way into the bed next to him, leaning close to whisper. “It wasn’t me, Rol. I was in the bathroom, I heard you yelling. I thought you were talking in your sleep.” Before she could tell him that she had heard it, too, it happened again.

It sounded exactly like a creepy little kid humming.

Rolly was out of the bed, tripping over tangled blankets wrapped around his knees, and slapping at the light switch on the wall before Mara could figure out what direction the noise seemed to be coming from. The humming cut off abruptly. Wide eyed, he turned around to stare at her. “What the fuck, Mara? What in the actual fuck?”

She shrugged, ginger curls bobbing against her shoulders. She wasn’t really scared, not yet, but she was decidedly uncomfortable. “It sounded like it was coming from right here.” She was still whispering. She cleared her throat, and tried to continue in her normal voice. “It sounded like it was in bed with us.”

He held out a hand to her, and she took it, let herself be pulled up and across the floor, out of the room. Their fingers twined tightly as they walked with an oddly graceful nonchalance, no quick-stepping scaredy-cats here, no sirree. They took the few steps down to their sunken living room in one giant stride and turned the corner again into the catch all room. His computer, her yoga mat. His books, her comics. His Kuerig, her French press. He lifted their joined hands to stop her.

Mara reached out to shut the door but Rolly shook his head. No way in hell was something going to sneak up on them; he’d much rather watch a monster walk up on him than have one jump out and yell boo.

He crossed his arms, fingers tip-tapping on his tattooed forearms. “So. Uh, what did you hear, exactly?”

“I went into the bathroom to get a drink of water,” she started.

He couldn’t help himself. He grinned. “I dehydrated the hell out of you, baby.”

She smacked his arm and laughed. “Shut up, ass. I went to get a drink of water,” she paused, eyebrows raised, until he gestured magnanimously for her to continue. “I went to get a drink of water and you started yelling at me. Or, you thought you were yelling at me, whatever, so I stuck my head out to see what the hell you were doing and you were saying something about creepy kids.” She felt goosebumps rising on her arms. “Dude, I came over, I was going to talk to you, try to get you to say more weird stuff, and then I heard something.”

She stepped forward and grabbed onto his arm. She was scared now, alright, all of it rushing up to smack her in the face. “Holy shit, Rolly, it sounded like it was in bed with us!”

He nodded to her. “I know, love, I know. I thought I must have dozed off when you got up because I didn’t feel you come back to bed, but all of a sudden you were humming in my ear like a complete asshole. I swear, I don’t remember if I felt anything there, but I don’t think so. I don’t think something was there. I heard it, though, right in my damn ear.” His hand started to go up towards it, he stared at it and lowered it back down. “Did you see anything?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “Nothing.”


So maybe a cool idea that will go somewhere and work out how I picture it…? I’d love to be able to write a weird sort of fantasy/horror hybrid tale 🙂

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