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It’s a gloriously foggy day here in my part of Ohio. It’s misting rain, and about 60 degrees out, it’s Friday, and this morning I managed to keep my record of working out every day for 3 consecutive weeks. I’m feeling pretty chill.

Here’s a list of links of the things that I am listening to today to feed my brain what it needs…

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ speech ( I very much look forward to having the funds to buy the book that was made from this speech)

Maya Angelou:
Love Liberates ~

Shane Koyczan: (spoken word poet, there’s a version with music and whatnot on the fabulous album Remembrance Year which also includes one of the deepest spoken word stories I’ve ever heard about meeting a man who cooks the final meals for Death Row inmates)
Tomatoes ~

Amanda Palmer / Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra (who I didn’t even know anything about until she married Neil Gaiman, for which I am grateful)
Not the Killing Type ~
Want it Back ~ (nsfw because boobs, but it’s not a sexy-times boob shot, her body is a canvas for her lyrics and it’s really beautiful animation)

Shots of Awe / Jason Silva ( a few of my favorites )
Creativity is Madness ~
Lucid Dreaming ~
We Are the Gods Now (this is a longer talk, little over half an hour, performed at the Sydney Opera House)

After all the brain food, have some laughs…a full 30 minute Mitch Hedberg stand up special:

Here’s to a spectacular day (which some days just means that I don’t want to dick punch anyone) and a weekend to write in your journal about 🙂

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