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The Messenger

“I announced myself, loud as you please!”
“Well, I didn’t hear you.”
“You couldn’t have not heard me!”
“Well, I didn’t hear you.”
“This is ridiculous. Call an ambulance round.”
“I can’t do that.”
Why in hell wouldn’t you call an ambulance round?”
“Because I didn’t hear you.”
“I am supposed to be the one that you do NOT shoot!”
“You should have said that first.”


A Monty Python inspired bit for Grammar Ghoul Press’s first ever Chimera 66 micro story challenge (The kickoff post is one of the funniest and most adjective laden call to arms that I’ve ever read, so go read it and play if you want to here: ). Use their definition of the prompt word for a 66 word bit of writing; this week the word was messenger

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