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Somewhere the Cosmos is having a chuckle

Mostly at my expense. That seems a rather grandiose notion, actually, so it’s probably just a squirty little offspring of the Cosmos who’s not got much to do yet. My brain hasn’t felt very creative, I’ve been more interested in reading and watching movies and catching up with tv shows than writing. Not writers block, just meh, let’s let others entertain me for a bit. That and the fact that my genius self dumped coffee all over my laptop and at this moment I’m still waiting on my whiz kid friend to tell me if he’ll be able to do anything besides retrieve the hard drive has left me slightly adrift, media wise. I did, however, make it out of the house twice in one weekend so I now consider myself a rock star of the party variety. Today so far has literally been spent chasing my cat around, throwing pillows at him and yelling ‘NO JOKER!’
Thus follows the cat chronicles of shit he’s not supposed to do, which is interesting to no one but me and my immediate family…(which is completely understandable- sometimes truth is NOT stranger/more interesting than fiction)
NO JOKER, please don’t attack Great Grandma Cora’s lamp

NO JOKER, get off the kitchen counters


NO JOKER, you can’t go outside and eat the birds in the bushes


NO JOKER, you’re not supposed to knock all my Silver Surfer figures off the entertainment center


NO JOKER, you’re not…oh, wait…


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Random Free Flow Balderdash

So, I feel lately that I am floating through life in a creativity bubble.  I’m seeing the world through an artist’s eye, my mind giving all a dreamlike patina that is pleasing to my sensibilities.  However…nothing will coalesce into something tangible.  With that in mind, I found myself with extra time to drive through the Metroparks to work today and holy gorgeous, Batman, it was fantastical.  I parked, I walked a little, I snapped some pictures, and I jotted down whatever randomness popped into my head.  This is what I got.


IMG_0281[1]Being alone outside is one of my all time favorite things


IMG_0270[1]I was looking so closely at the sky through my phone to get this picture that I slipped on a muddy slope and almost tumbled down a big ass hill. When I was done laughing at myself for an idiot, I remembered coming here with the kid a few years ago.  We crashed around through the woods, skipped stones in the hidden creek, climbed some trees.  As we hiked to the top of this hill (insanely popular in the winter time for sledding) we figured, hey let’s roll down it, because why not.  Giggling and gasping, end over end, on the second roll I forgot to hold my feet tightly together and my ankles clacked together hard enough to loose a yell of OUCH into the quiet air.  That earned me nothing but a mouthful of grass.


IMG_0106[1]Recalcitrant teenagers need compassion and a firm hand, she reminded herself, not angry faces or over indulgence.  You can recognize their feelings without validating them.  ~snicker~ good thing he couldn’t care less about what I write in general as I’m pretty sure he’d be pissed I put his picture here (he’s also making a face, his face isn’t really crookedy)


IMG_0274[1]Sometimes when I drive through the valley in the mornings, spring sun gilding the tops of the bare tree branches and DJ Drez spinning his super sweet yogic beats, I can’t help but think of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and see graceful ninjas float-running on tiptoe across the tree tops, arms outstretched, finger tips pointing towards the horizon…


The last thing that I wrote down, completely apropos of nothing, was “I’ve never sung karaoke.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone do it, either.”  I have no idea where that came from.  I bid a beautiful day to you all 🙂

This post brought to you by Jahta Beat: A Path to Light by DJ Drez.  And my rambling brain.

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