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The Random List Generator

(see the link to the article that inspired this at the end of the post, and hail Ray Bradbury) (this will maybe make more sense then)

skeletal tree branches scraping noise from an empty sky; tendrils of memories that bob like jellyfish; faery queen alights upon her lily pad throne; silence held with a jaw clenched, words battering against the backs of her teeth as she hastily smothers them with her tongue; a slow heartbeat, much like a slow clap, builds into a tumultuous ovation of effervescent love; the fading light drained the energy out of his pores, as if waning shadows and waning thoughts shared a common thread; motivation slipped through her hands, a rope burn that in her apathy she felt not at all; sacrifice and self-discipline were uncomfortably aligned in her brain, and she wanted nothing to do with either;

So here’s a little catchphrase collection, things that have popped into my head over the past few days that had no oomph behind them that I’m hoping will now attract their mating sentences to them like moths to a literal flame….

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