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Sacrifice and self-discipline were uncomfortably aligned in her mind, and she wanted nothing to do with either. She wanted to eat a goddamn brownie and stretch out on her bed, in her comfy pants, and watch an entire television series in one sitting. The thought that this was an accomplishment in and of itself made her laugh out loud.

She reached for a book, instead, to read a few chapters of imaginary transportation to a town called Desperation, founding father Stephen King. A strange book, for him. Gore and guts and old gods, sure, run of the mill crazy stuff. But also the Christian God, with a capital G-O-D, a straight out of the bible run of the mill cruel and loving god taking center stage as well. Worth the re-read, especially for this line: ‘That sound is about the lure of emptiness and the pleasures of zero.’

Now that line, that line stuck in her brain and resonated in there, creating its own echo that defined the sound King was trying to invoke.

Chapters done, she opted for a movie instead of a television show. Flicking through the new releases on Amazon, it seemed that a lightening humor would be a counter-weight to the overthinking the book had brought on. The World’s End, the nonsense about aliens and some sort of English pub crawl, perfect. Lo and behold- the comedic geniuses behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz managed to sneak a surprisingly grown up story into the background. Part touching, part heartbreaking, and all bitter honesty, it was still funny enough to make her laugh out loud over and over again. The soundtrack was fantastic, blasting her right back to her freshman year in high school, and the camera work and editing were so spot on that she rewound a few scenes just to re-watch their perfection. Also, Argus Filch redeemed the Red Wedding as the town crackpot, Basil.

Late night, movie done, satisfied but somewhat at a loss with her guy working the night shift and her boy child occupied with friends on X-box, she twiddled around on tumblr for a little bit, considered the night well spent and nodded off.

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The title is non-sensical, of course, but fits how I feel today. Life has been very involved lately, and having to send my laptop right back out again for repairs that weren’t repaired the first time along with a promotion at work that severely limits my surfing abilities has made me very quiet on the virtual front. So I figured, fuck it, I’m just jumping back into the game even though I’ve got nothing super interesting to say 😉

This morning I was overjoyed that when I went out to start the car before taking the kid to school – THE SKY WAS PINK! It wasn’t black or a deep velvety blue, it was pink with little touches of amber just starting to gild the yellow leaves on the trees we’re surrounded by. The whole drive to the high school was taken up with me creating the lyrics to my new hit ‘All the Pretty Colors’ to the tune of All the Single Ladies, and my kid yelling at me to shut up and asking me did I not realize that it was Monday, and by the way, could you please shut up and stop singing. (the answer to that question, much to his dismay, was that no, no I could not stop singing). Much to the dismay of my co-workers, I still can’t stop singing.

Also falling on the plus side today is that this week celebrates the largest tradeshow of the industry that I work in, which equals a blessedly quiet week at work. Time to get caught up on all that nagging paperwork, time to work without constant interruptions in preparation for said tradeshow, quiet phones as most of our customer’s are at the same show, and no bosses or managers to be found in the building. They’re not really tyrants or anything, but it’s still restful knowing that the inmates are running the asylum. Or, I mean, that the employees are behaving the shit out of themselves and being nothing but super-productive. Hahahaha, couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Giddiness abounds around here this week, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I left for work a little early this morning so that I would have time to drive through our Cleveland Metroparks because that is my greatest pleasure in fall. (Vote for Issue 80, Ohio!) I put on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and turned it up LOUD as I drove around twists and turns, over bridges and through tunnels created by YELLOW! ORANGE! PINK! RED! leaves, cold sunlight sparkling on muddy brown water, pine trees stoically standing as the remaining bastion of green in a forest of trees gone berserk. It actually gave me a cool kind of Fantasia-like idea for a story that I’ll hopefully have finished soon.

On the media front…
TV- this weekend I heard maybe the best line I’ve heard on television ever, from the Doctor Who episode where the Tardis is encased into human form: “Biting! I like biting, it’s like kissing but with a winner!” Maybe it’s just me, but I laughed full out for a good five minutes and it’s been a while since something gave me a giggle quite like that. On The Walking Dead, I rejoiced once again that I didn’t have to see anything with the stupid Governor (THIS CHARACTER’S ARC MAKES NO SENSE TO ME) and thought that Daryl Dixon pulling the silver back gorilla dead on intimidation face smoosh on the guy who dared to even think about challenging him was a fantastic moment. Although the kid shrugged and said I was crazy, it just looked like he wanted to kiss him. Subtleties are lost on teenage boys…

Movies- we watched The Conjuring Saturday, and I have to say that other than the last five minutes, it was really really really well done. It was much more realistic and believable than most movies of this ilk, and I found myself sidling down the darkened hallway of my apartment later that night to shut the house down with my senses reaching out to all corners, ready to jump through the roof if something clapped in my ear. I love it when movies just creep me the hell out, and there were even a few moments that I could tell scared my dude- he’ll start talking in the middle of a movie about random things, like a little kid who doesn’t want to admit they’re scared but all of a sudden just bring up how much they love chicken nuggets. It’s kind of adorable and hilarious.

Books- I was crazy excited this past week about two books. Firstly, I picked up Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. This is a story about little Danny Torrance, from The Shining, who’s now all grown up. The Shining was one of those books that I read that just scared the ever loving shit out of me. Like, throw it across the room and yell ‘get thee behind me, Satan!’ at its innocent pages as it flies. This book didn’t, it’s not all up on the scares like that, but nonetheless I enjoyed the hell out of it. Excellent writing and a very interesting story, just creepy and original, touching and funny, with a little bit of the human condition pondering like you’d find in one of his more psychological experiments like Gerald’s Game. The second book I found that I just finished yesterday, was Lev Grossman’s The Magician King. I found the first book, The Magicians,at a used bookstore and picked it up because it sounded cool. I read it and then gave it to the kid and made him read it. It takes elements, purposefully obvious, from Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, and puts a more mature spin on it. They are both totally worth reading; the references alone make them worthwhile, you can’t help going ‘Oh!’ every time you catch one. Highly recommend both of these.

So there’s some nonsense for you, and I suppose I should get back to work….

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The World of Games

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. His feet, wrapped only in the same tough black cloth that his pants were made of, sank and kicked up sand in rhythm with his staggering steps.
A bullet winged past his right side and he stumbled into a semblance of a zig zag pattern as it poofed up a cloud of sand about two feet in front of him.

His eyes wheeled, searching for a mound of sand that would indicate a Hole. There was nowhere to hide in the Desert World, nothing to brandish as a weapon. Black clothing stood out like a neon target in this monochromatic landscape, zig zag pattern or no.
As the sand sapped his strength and the sun scorched his uncovered head, the man in black finally spied what he was looking for. With renewed vigor he lurched forward, eyes on the prize, and another shot rang out. He stretched his arms out and dove for the hole in the earth just as a singeing pain on his left calf twanged his nerves and forced out an involuntary yelp.
“Water! Water!” he yelled in a voice made hoarse by exertion and dehydration. Sliding into the Hole, careening faster than he had expected, he grasped at the scree and stunted roots in the tunnel walls as he flew past. Sand got inbetween his lips, rough against his tongue and excruciating on any raw patches of flesh that were unfortunate enough to be uncovered. He closed his mouth and eyes tightly and hoped that his call for water had been heard in time.
An eternal moment later coolness kissed his face as he felt the angle of his descent deepen. His free fall began and the man in black sighed with relief. He landed with a whump on damper packed sand, quickly rolling to his feet and loping crookedly away from the Hole. His entire body wanted to revolt against the continued exertion but he knew that he was finally close to having a chance at winning this particular game.
Scanning the Island World in which he now found himself, his gaze fell upon a piece of driftwood conveniently formed into a club and his cracked lips smiled for the first time in days. He hefted it in his right hand, testing the weight and grip, no longer noticing the blood that dripped from his bullet grazed leg.
“So now the game really begins.”

This weeks Master Class offering came from the BlogBirthdayBoy, Eric at Sinistral Scribblings. In honor of his blog’s anniversary, he chose the first line from Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger” and let us have at it. This story was also inspired by Hole in the Earth, by the Deftones, which is what I was listening to as I drove through a bleak and monochromatic valley this morning and *poof* – I saw the man in the black running for his life. It also appears to be brought to you by the letter ‘S’ as it seems that there are an inordinate amount of those in here…maybe I should’ve worked a Scryer in as well…

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