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The tunnel swoops in and scoops me up

As my model stands blinking at the echo of my last words,

‘Run into the light now!’

I look down at my body from above;

That wasn’t what I meant.


For this week’s challenge, we were to write 33 words as a prelude to these 5 – ‘That wasn’t what I meant.’


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Excuse Me, Your Fangirl is Showing


Without conceit and so amazed, the soldier becomes the stalwart. Bolstered by belief and unconditioned love, the madman leaves the genius untouched. A match made on Baker Street, blessed by the Detective Inspector.

This weeks Trifecta Trifextra challenge:
This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words about a famous trio. The trio could be from literature, from history or from pop culture. Just make it yours and have fun with it. Good luck!

I couldn’t help myself…

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The Shadow Knights

Hero was judged Champion and set forth across the Shadow Bridge, to dance through light like a ghost and slay the monsters infecting the realm. Under The Bed was safe once more.


Um, 33 word fairy tales are not easy to write. Who knew?? Link up and read, these short challenges bring the best out of a lot of writers 🙂


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What’s a Process…?

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Trifextra: Week 76
( the picture has nothing to do with anything, I just took it and wanted it there cos I like it… )

So, apparently one of the fancy Trifecta editors was able to see Neil Gaiman and hear him read from his new book and do a little Q&A (please take this time to wipe any excess bitterness and/or jealousy off your screen). When asked if he could describe his writing process in three words, his answer was “Glare. Drink tea.”

Which is ridiculous. And awesome. And since he and Terry Pratchett are maybe the only people in the world that I would fan-girl-flail for, of course I think it’s adorable.

So the Trifextra challenge this week asks us to do the same. Three words for this idiot thing that consumes us and drives us and sometimes ruins us, and yet is still one of the best things about us. A few words went through my head that were true and accurate, a couple that were funny. But when it comes down to it my ‘process’ doesn’t have much to do with me and everything to do with what plays out in my head, mostly without my say so.

And so, in honor of the characters that live within and rarely ever shut the hell up, I’m going to go with:

Let them speak.


Link up, check out everyone else, you can read a shit ton of 3 word posts before your work day is done 😉


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For Trifextra, Week 71: tell an entire story in 3 sentences.


She chose to fly away on her broken wing, even though they mocked her lopsided flight.

Their laughter rolled off her back like warm drops of soothing rain.

She figured that even if she was only flying in circles, at least she wasn’t standing still.

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A True Confession

When the going gets tough,

I can get going with the best of them.

However, the difference would be I don’t intend to stop until I’m barefoot…swinging in a hammock…in Bali….


**** a true confession for Trifextra this weekend, in 33 words….ready to chuck it all to be a spelunker or something else that doesn’t always require wearing shoes to work****


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No Excuses


My first attempt at the Trifextra Challenge for week 62:


33 Words of Advice




if you have something to say, say it.


if you have a question, ask it.


if you have a song, sing it.


there’s no excuse not to. except maybe if you have laryngitis.




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