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The Random List Generator

(see the link to the article that inspired this at the end of the post, and hail Ray Bradbury) (this will maybe make more sense then)

skeletal tree branches scraping noise from an empty sky; tendrils of memories that bob like jellyfish; faery queen alights upon her lily pad throne; silence held with a jaw clenched, words battering against the backs of her teeth as she hastily smothers them with her tongue; a slow heartbeat, much like a slow clap, builds into a tumultuous ovation of effervescent love; the fading light drained the energy out of his pores, as if waning shadows and waning thoughts shared a common thread; motivation slipped through her hands, a rope burn that in her apathy she felt not at all; sacrifice and self-discipline were uncomfortably aligned in her brain, and she wanted nothing to do with either;

So here’s a little catchphrase collection, things that have popped into my head over the past few days that had no oomph behind them that I’m hoping will now attract their mating sentences to them like moths to a literal flame….

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What’s a Process…?

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Trifextra: Week 76
( the picture has nothing to do with anything, I just took it and wanted it there cos I like it… )

So, apparently one of the fancy Trifecta editors was able to see Neil Gaiman and hear him read from his new book and do a little Q&A (please take this time to wipe any excess bitterness and/or jealousy off your screen). When asked if he could describe his writing process in three words, his answer was “Glare. Drink tea.”

Which is ridiculous. And awesome. And since he and Terry Pratchett are maybe the only people in the world that I would fan-girl-flail for, of course I think it’s adorable.

So the Trifextra challenge this week asks us to do the same. Three words for this idiot thing that consumes us and drives us and sometimes ruins us, and yet is still one of the best things about us. A few words went through my head that were true and accurate, a couple that were funny. But when it comes down to it my ‘process’ doesn’t have much to do with me and everything to do with what plays out in my head, mostly without my say so.

And so, in honor of the characters that live within and rarely ever shut the hell up, I’m going to go with:

Let them speak.


Link up, check out everyone else, you can read a shit ton of 3 word posts before your work day is done 😉


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Hello world!

Okay.  I’m an idiot.

Brand new blog, brand new to doing anything like this.  They blonk you right into the deep end of the pool by immediately creating a ‘post’ hollering out Hello World! when really I’m kind of trying to sneak in around the edges.  It did kind of give me a push to quit dicking around and type something without waiting to figure out something that would be all earth shatteringly new or at least a little clever.  So I did.  Twice.

And then I hit the wrong button.  Twice.  The same wrong button, two times in a row, and lost everything that I had typed.  So I can safely say that it was genius, both earth shattering and clever.  My words are smarter than my correct button pushing ability, I assure you.

Ha.  I love that I type “I assure you” as if there is a you in the universe out there that will read this unless I email my friends my new blog address.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was trying to sneak in, though, so I don’t think I’ll even do that yet.  Then I’ll have an ‘up’ day and start FB’ing and emailing and commenting on other blogs like crazy.  Then the day after that I’ll be all ‘ugh….’  True story.  From the future.  I know me well…

I want to write a blog.  I want to be a part of this freaking amazing community that I have discovered over the past year and a half, full of so much hilarity and talent and overwhelming honesty.  I want to write.  I want to not be bored with myself anymore.

It ain’t pretty (yet) and I don’t know if it’ll be interesting, but I do give myself a teensy little pat on the back for at least getting started.  Just a teensy one though.  Starting things has never been my problem.  It’s the whole follow through whatnot that kicks my ass.

Wishing myself luck…

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